The Sony a7S III Versus the a7C: Which Camera Is Right for You?

Both the Sony a7S III and a7C cameras offer some of the company’s latest features and designs, and so, you might be wondering which is right for your work. This helpful video comparison looks at both of them to help you decide. 

Coming to you from David Manning, this great video compares the Sony a7S III and a7C mirrorless cameras. No doubt, if budget is not a factor and you are purely concerned about video work, the a7S III is likely the camera for you, but the choice becomes a bit trickier if you have a limited amount to spend, want a particularly compact body, or you shoot both photos and videos. With its 12-megapixel sensor, the a7S III might be rather limited for a lot of stills work, but on the other hand, with the a7C, you lose other things, such as high-frame-rate 4K video and an extra card slot, something that is a dealbreaker for a lot of professionals, though its 24-megapixel sensor is a lot more versatile for hybrid work. Then again, the a7C is half the price of the a7S III, another thing worth considering. Check out the video above for Manning’s full thoughts on both cameras. 


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