‘The World at Night’: An Astrophotography Book by Babak Tafreshi

The night sky is photographed more today than ever before, and yet, dark sky areas are shrinking at incredible rates. That’s something The World at Night (TWAN) program and Babak Tafreshi are trying to educate others on with this new book and the amazing collection of images within. This book is more than just a beautiful look at the night sky. Babak Tafreshi has gathered over 34 photographers from 20 countries to contribute over 200 stunning images of distant galaxies, planets, and once-in-a-lifetime celestial events. I can only imagine the amount of work involved in bringing all these photographers together, but not just that, doing it with a purpose beyond just sharing their work. It is a collaboration with a purpose and a message: to educate others on the loss of our dark skies, to unite us as one people under one sky. Tafreshi carefully curated these images and accompanying commentary into a variety of themes that explore that idea:Symbols of all nations and religions embraced by one sky of endless beautiesUNESCO World Heritage Sites at nightThe Universe revealed through constellations, sky motions, atmospheric phenomenon, aurora, and other wondersImages highlighting the beauty of dark skies away from light-polluted urban areasCelestial events, from great comets to spectacular eclipsesAstro-tourism destinations, ancient astronomical monuments, and modern observatories

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