This $3,300 Scorpion Themed Chair Is the Ultimate Experience for Editing Photos

What you’re seeing here is a scorpion-shaped chair designed for maximum comfort and productivity when editing photos and videos. The customizable chair currently retails at $3,300 and even re-adjusts so that you can work lying down.

Appropriately titled the Cluvens Scorpion Computer Cockpit, it is an arachnid shaped design, right down to the fact the chair has eight legs. The tip of the tail can hold five flat screens between 19-32 inches, or alternatively one super-wide 49-inch display. The chair adjusts to many positions, including allowing users to be able to lie back in a zero-gravity position — something the company say helps reduce stress on the back and neck. Check out the GIF below to see the chair in action.

The armrests are where you’ll find the keyboard and mouse. As for whether it’ll fit in your office space, the chair is 65 inches long, 47 inches wide, and 82 inches tall when set to an upright position. It weighs in at a total of 265 pounds.

And that’s not all – it also comes with a massage function, heated backrest, and LED lighting, to make editing your images more comfortable than ever.

The chair retails for $3,299, with an estimated delivery time of 3-6 weeks. See more specs over at Cluven’s website.



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