This Hack Stops the Canon EOS R5 from Overheating

Keen videographers have been busy finding ways to work around the limitations that Canon has imposed. Grab yourself some sticky tape and a toothpick.Thanks to teardowns and lots of tinkering, speculation has mounted over recent weeks that Canon’s overheating timer on the brand new EOS R5 is actually set — perhaps arbitrarily — by software, and not by the camera passing a temperature threshold. (Check out this recent article to find out more.)This short video from J. Marcus shows you his process for fooling the R5 into resetting the overheating timer. When you switch a camera off, it performs an orderly shutdown, and remembers certain data such as aperture, shutter speed — and in the case of the R5, how many minutes are left on the overheating timer. If you can shut down the R5 without giving it chance to remember this data, the overheating timer is then reset when you switch it back on.Andrew Reid over at achieved something similar a few days ago, preferring a slightly different method that uses a small screw instead of a combination of sticky tape and a broken toothpick. Reid has since reported that he has been able to record 8K video for 50 minutes (three 17-minute-long clips) using this method.As noted by Marcus, by using a workaround to evade the camera’s restrictions, there is a risk that you may damage the R5 by causing it to overheat.Has Canon has created these limits to err on the side of caution, or is it imposing excessive restrictions in order to cripple the R5 and protect its line of cinema cameras? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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