Uber Will Start Using Selfie Cameras to Ensure Mask Compliance

In an effort to ensure its drivers are protected during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Uber will soon start requiring riders who have been reported for not wearing a mask to verify their compliance using the selfie cameras on their phones. The verification feature will be released to the US and Canada by the end of the month and worldwide following that. Uber has said that the selfie will not be shared with a rider’s driver. Riders who ride without a mask will be flagged by drivers. After that, whenever they request a new ride, they will be prompted to take a selfie in order to show that they are complying with mask mandates. Selfie cameras have been used for similar verifications, such as ensuring that scooter riders are wearing proper head protection. Of course, riders could conceivably verify themselves, then remove their mask, though this is a great step in ensuring proper protocols have been followed and a useful way to take advantage of the selfie cameras already contained in the smartphones people use to hail rides. It is not clear if Uber will ban riders who break the rules a second time by removing their masks after taking the verification selfie, but that seems like a reasonable step. 

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