Viral Video Shows Man Hanging Child off Cliff for Family Photo Opportunity

A clip has been doing the rounds across social media, showing a man hanging his toddler son off the edge of a cliff while another family member takes a photo. First posted to Chinese social media site Weibo, the man has since faced the wrath of the internet for his actions.The video was allegedly recorded in Beijing, near Hongjing Road, which is a 12-mile long section of the highway known for its scenery. A popular spot with locals, visitors are often seen close to the edge, sat with their legs dangling off. In the video, however, one man went further and allowed the child to hang off the edge. It’s unclear how deep the drop is, although the road in parts is 905 meters (2,969 feet) above sea level.The Daily Mail reports that someone can be heard on the video saying, “Look, look! The kid’s hands are shaking!”As the story gains momentum internationally, critical comments have been mounting up, with one saying the man is “undeserving of being a parent. I feel so sorry for the child to have parents like this.”Another added, “Oh my god, taking your child’s life as a joke just for some photos! A bunch of stupid and thoughtless idiots!”Those featured in the video are yet to be identified.

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