Want to Hack Some Brand New Features Onto Your GoPro HERO 8? Just Scan a QR Code

Can you imagine bringing brand new features to your camera by simply photographing a QR code? Thanks to GoPro Labs, GoPro HERO 8 owners can expect to unlock some new options via an innovative new system.Time-lapse photographer Matthew Vandeputte loves his GoPro, but like many time-lapse aficionados, he’s been occasionally frustrated by some of the limitations. In this short video, he explains how GoPro has managed to create a system where you simply click some boxes, slide some sliders, and photograph a QR code in order to unlock some previously impossible settings for the HERO 8.GoPro’s menu systems have never been that easy to navigate, so moving a lot of that functionality over to a phone has always made sense. This takes it to the next level, however.The degree of control is impressive. For example, imagine wanting to film the launch of a space rocket but having to place the camera three days beforehand with no opportunity to leave it connected to a power supply, revisit it, or control it via Wi-Fi.

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