Want to Recreate an Image You’ve Seen Online? Stop Asking About Flash Settings.

Most beginner photographers are obsessed with figuring out the settings used by their favorite photographers. This video addresses those who ask specifically about flash power, but the answers can be applied to almost any question about camera settings.

Photographer and educator, Robert Hall, has built a solid community for those who wish to learn more about photography, and in particular, flash or strobe lighting. But with this kind of community, there inevitably comes the annoyingly repetitive questions because of the regular accumulation of newbie photographers. I don’t mean to denigrate all of our less experienced readers — I was once one of these people asking redundant questions —  because there’s a steep learning curve in any craft, and we all look for this shortcut to becoming highly-skilled. But, like with Hall and his video here, there’s a breaking-point where one just needs to put to rest some of the questions that keep popping up. 

I hadn’t noticed these questions asked about flash power before however, I can empathize with Hall’s frustration. I see it all the time with regard to camera brand, focal length, aperture, and ISO. After he gives all the reasons why this type of question is unhelpful, Hall then offers some alternative, more thoughtful questions to ask your favorite photographers. His advice is excellent, so I won’t spoil it — just watch the video to find out.

Are there any frequently asked questions which bug you?


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