What Canon Cameras to Expect Next

We have already seen Canon’s mind-blowing lens roadmap for the RF mount, but now that the EOS R5 and R6 are here, what can we expect next in terms of cameras?

Canon Rumors is reporting that Canon is planning a range of new camera bodies for its RF mirrorless mount. Perhaps the most exciting (and probably most expected) body will be the R1, the mirrorless equivalent of the 1D series that we should see at the Olympics in 2021. Also exciting will be a high-resolution body, likely to replace the 5DS series. Given the excellent optical quality of RF mount lenses, it is very likely that Canon is planning an ultra-high-resolution camera to leverage their abilities. At the other end of the spectrum, we can also expect a replacement to the EOS RP. The EOS RP is notable for being a sub-$1,000 full frame mirrorless camera, and of course, while that means compromises, it is also a fantastic option as an easy entry into the RF system or as a second body. Altogether, it looks like Canon intends to offer a wide gamut of options that should contain something for everyone. Head over to Canon Rumors for more on the upcoming cameras.


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