What Gear Are You Hoping To See in 2021?

With 2021 on the near horizon, and another 12 months of new gear to be released, what are you hoping to see specifically?

2020 was a bad year for almost everything. The almost is (in part) thanks to the influx of new and genuinely interesting and impressive camera gear. For photography nerds like myself, it really was one of the few silver linings on an otherwise torrid period of my life. So, as I see it, 2021 is likely to go one of two ways.

The first is that the brilliant new foundation of the Canon mirrorless bodies, the Sony video titans, a beautiful new modular Hasselblad, and a handful of staggeringly quick lenses, is built upon and expanded. The Canon line-up is still a touch sparse on native glass, so we could see some exciting additions, as well as, of course, the rumored new R body.

The second way is a sort of rest period. Large, cutting-edge projects like Canon, Sony, and Hasselblad (among others) have produced take years and a lot of resources to produce, which might mean some recovery is necessary. We may see a very quiet year, particularly with regards to camera bodies.

If I had one wish for gear in 2021, it would be the expansion of the range of medium format bodies, which hopefully by extension, brings down older generation GFX cameras, as well as earlier X system Hasselblads.

What are you hoping to see?


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