What’s the Least Amount of Gear You Would Use to Shoot a Wedding?

Wedding photographers haven’t had it easy over the last six months, but small, short-notice weddings mean that photographers often need to be able to travel light and move fast. What gear would you take as a bare minimum to shoot a wedding?Like many in the industry, wedding photographer Taylor Jackson has seen a significant impact on his business as a result of the global pandemic, but he is seeing a spike in the number of elopement weddings being booked on short notice. He’s put together a short video to run you through the gear that he takes when he’s trying to travel as light as possible, a need that’s starting to become more common in his work.Jackson has opted for some rather chunky, expensive glass to have in his arsenal, but as he mentions, there are plenty of more affordable alternatives, such as choosing slightly slower primes like the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G ED. At less than $500, this is a third of the price of its f/1.4 counterpart, as well as being half the weight.What’s the absolute minimum that you would take with you to shoot preparations, arrivals, ceremony, and reception? Let us know what’s in your bag in the comments below.

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