When a Telephoto Lens Is Better Than a Wide-Angle Lens for Landscape Photography

Wide-angle lenses are often considered the go-to lens for landscape photography; however, sometimes they are also useless, and the telephoto lens is the one to use.Two important skills when you do landscape photography is, obviously to recognize the good photo, but equally as important, is it to adjust to the conditions. Sometimes you might have an idea for a photo that requires a wide-angle lens but if the desired light does not manifest, or the light behaves differently than what you expected, adapting is necessary to benefit from the conditions you are given. Adapting to the changing environment and light could be changing settings, position, perspective, or lens.In the above video, I document two photography sessions, where I set out to get a specific wide-angle photo, however, it did not go as I hoped for. The light and conditions were fantastic but they simply did not fit what I could catch with my wide-angle lens.Perspective CompressionIn the first session, I wanted a wide-angle photo of a lone tree on the side of the road. The sky was vibrant with colors and the clouds looked pretty good… near the horizon. The wide-angle lens was a terrible choice for the conditions I was given as it included way too much of the sky and the foreground was arguably a bit boring and messy.

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