Which Mac Mini Is Right for Your Editing Work?

The Mac Mini often gets overlooked, as computers like the MacBook Pro or iMac get a lot more attention. However, it is a surprisingly versatile and powerful computer and priced much lower than many other Mac models. This great video compares two versions of the Mac Mini to tell you which one is right for you.Coming to you from 9 to 5 Mac, this great comparison takes a look at the i5 and i7 models of the Mac Mini to see which is right for your work. I personally think the Mac Mini is one of the best-kept secrets. Most creatives either opt for a MacBook Pro or an iMac, but Mac Minis are quite affordable, and if you are like me and like to use your own monitor, they are a great option. In fact, I have been using the same Mac Mini for eight years, and I am only now beginning to think about purchasing a new model. You might be surprised to see just how well the i5 model holds up in the video editing test, and if you need an affordable Mac for creative work, I definitely recommend taking a look at a Mini model. They are also great for saving space. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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