Who Is Buying Lensbaby Lenses and Why?

Lensbaby has always been an enigma to me, and I’ve never been quite sure what niche they’re meant to fill. Perhaps you can help me.I’m a positive, optimistic type of chap generally and a firm believer in live and let live. However, I need to step out of that persona for a moment and discuss a company that baffles me more than any other in the industry: Lensbaby. This company has been around for nearly eight years now, and I’ve seen many images taken using their lenses, as well as reviews and videos of their newest equipment. Every time — every time — I furrow my brow and wonder what is trying to be achieved.The initial motif of Lensbaby seemed to me (from the outside) to be to create vintage-inspired lenses that didn’t focus too much (pun intended) on sharpness and traditional lens-gauging metrics. Brilliant. I can see exactly the sort of niche that would occupy and furthermore, I think on that description, I’d likely be a customer. But in reality, their lenses are more confusing to me than that. They appear to be less like the marrying of vintage lenses with modern creativity, and instead the union of poorly aging Instagram filters with cataracts. What am I missing?While working in philosophy, I clung to one principle old Berty Russell said in one way or another: you should turn a problem on all sides. So, with Lensbaby, I’ve looked for counterarguments. Are there great images taken with Lensbaby lenses? Absolutely. Here’s one from their Instagram:

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