Why Is Adobe Named Adobe?

In this video you’ll learn about one of the founders of Adobe being taken hostage for $600,000 ransom, and how Steve Jobs once owned 19% of the company before they opened the flood gates to cater for Windows and the mass market of the time.

You can either love Adobe for what they’ve developed over the years for creative professionals, or you can hate them for the SaaS subscription we all have to pay for now. Whatever you feel about the software, I don’t believe photography as a profession, never mind the idea of digitizing images, would be what it is today if it wasn’t for this incredible development in graphic-orientated software that revolutionized print and the photographic industry as we know it.

It does seem as though Xerox was the place most people developed or stole ideas from at the time, but these two presented their idea to the company and got shot down. They then decided to go on their own, and the post-script printing technology is still the foundation of printing today.

Computers as a tool today is one thing, but imagine not being able to see any images online. In a way that is what the net would’ve been if it wasn’t for these two founders who saw potential.


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