Why You Should Limit Your Focus at New Landscape Photography Locations

It can be very exciting when you find a new landscape photography location, and that excitement can lead to you running all over the place to get shots. But it might be a better idea to just stay put and focus on a single spot, then come back another time to explore more, and this excellent video discusses why that is the case. 

Coming to you from Nigel Danson, this great video talks about the idea of focusing on one of two spots at a new location and saving other areas for later visits. I have made the mistake of finding a new location and jumping from spot to spot every 10 or 15 minutes, and inevitably, I have been disappointed by the shots I have come home with. There is a lot of nuance and subtlety in any given scene, and it takes a bit of time to work the frame before you find the optimal shot (and often, you have to wait for the right light to arrive as well). Focusing on one or two spots for a longer time can often yield better results. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Danson.

And if you really want to dive into landscape photography, check out “Photographing The World 1: Landscape Photography and Post-Processing with Elia Locardi.” 


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