You’ve Probably Never Seen Bokeh Like This

Photographers certainly love their bokeh, and not all bokeh is the same, as different lenses can have vastly different character. This neat video shows the kind of crazy bokeh you can get when you put a less common lens on your camera.

Coming to you from Mathieu Stern, this interesting video takes a look at the Carl Zeiss Jena Kipronar 105mm f/1.9 T* lens. Originally designed for movie projectors, the lens can be adapted for use on cameras nowadays. However, since the lens has no focusing mechanism, Stern had to also add helicoid ring adapter to give him the ability to focus. Once on the camera, the lens produces bokeh reminiscent of Petzval lenses, which looks swirly and dramatic. 

We have seen a real explosion of vintage lenses in the last few years, and personally, I think it is a great thing. Modern lenses are certainly generally sharper and more optically advanced, but vintage lenses tend to have a lot more character, and the awesome part is that with a mirrorless camera, all it takes is a cheap adapter, and you are up and running. Plus, they tend to be a pittance compared to modern glass. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Stern. 


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